2022-03-24 E-Edition

Choking Our Oceans

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans, a study reports. Experts say the corporations that make and use it should be held accountable.

LET’S FACE IT. YOU CAN’T escape plastic waste. Grocery bags tumbling across parking lots or caught on a nearby bush, beverage bottles lying in street culverts or scattered on the beach, plastic cups, discarded plastic knives and forks, packaging materials, food takeout wrapping — one, or more, or all are likely to be encountered in any 24-hour period of our […]

Market Trends: Real estate growth will continue

Those who think the extraordinarily bullish real estate market of the last year just can’t last — that a significant dip is inevitable, and sooner rather than later — are probably wrong this year, according to three of the savviest market analysts in the region. On the contrary, residential (both new and existing homes), commercial and land sales markets in […]

Be happy

I’m deeply grateful to the many happy people in Sarasota. Why are they happy? Apparently because they can avoid anger. Are you happy? If not, I suggest one of two actions: Either move to Sarasota, or quit attending to the news and start attending to a bottle of Redbreast 27 Irish whiskey. Yes, you’ll pay more than $500 for a […]

Trump didn’t cause the Ukraine war

More than a year into the Biden presidency, Vladimir Putin has invaded a sovereign neighboring country and, of course, everyone knows who’s to blame — Biden’s predecessor. In an instance of misdirection for the ages, a spate of commentary has pointed the finger at Donald Trump for supposedly creating the predicate for Putin’s brutalizing of Ukraine. There’s no doubt that […]

Goodwill plans 2021 Breakthrough Awards breakfast

Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida hosts its annual Breakthrough Award ceremony Thursday morning, April 7, at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center in downtown Fort Myers. The event recognizes individuals and businesses who have advanced the Goodwill mission throughout the prior year. The 2021 Breakthrough Award recipients are: ¦ Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity, Employer of the Year ¦ […]

Sailing on the (incredibly) cheap

We’re all concerned about the price of gas, so most of us are trying to cut back on activities that involve driving any real distance. But there is no need to eliminate your thirst for fun things to do, even in this economy. There are many hobbies that are fun and exciting, and rely on “green” energy sources. One of […]

Home school programs now at the STEMLab

STEMLab is offering home school programs where students learn a variety of topics ranging from science and technology to engineering and math. Located at Miromar Outlets in Estero and inspired by the IMAG History & Science Center of Fort Myers, STEMLab is a new, vibrant and imaginative space designed for the whole family and especially for students to enrich their […]

Audubon Florida celebrates 122 years in conservation

This month Audubon celebrates 122 years in conservation in Florida. Concerned citizens came together to stop the mass slaughter of Florida wading birds for the plume trade and hosted their first meeting of the Florida Audubon Society 122 years ago in Maitland, Fla. The groundswell of support for the birds of Florida and the Everglades went on to give rise […]

Cats of Amsterdam

Just around the corner and across the canal from our hotel, we saw it: De Poezenboot. While the name looks as if it might be a riff on Puss in Boots, it’s actually the name of a unique shelter for cats — the Cat Boat. While Amsterdam doesn’t have a large population of free-roaming cats — at least not in […]