2021-05-27 E-Edition

Cracking The Code

Bitcoin? Ethereum? Binance Coin? A look at cryptocurrencies.

WHEN ELON MUSK ANNOUNCED EARLY in the year he would include the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin in the Tesla company ledgers (Tesla bought $1.5 billion of it) and accept it from buyers purchasing Tesla automobiles, the value of Bitcoin rose rapidly. Again. Already companies like AT&T, Microsoft and PayPal were taking it as payment, along with countless smaller state, national […]

Expanding Medicaid would bring jobs, billions of dollars

Florida could add 134,700 jobs, lower the number of uninsured residents by 852,000 and pump billions of additional federal dollars into the economy if it would expand Medicaid to low-income adults without children, according to a report released last week. The Commonwealth Fund, a New York-based organization that focuses on health care issues, released the report, which said expanding Medicaid […]

Talking for dollars

I’m startled these days by the too-frequent failure of us talkers, my fellow opiners, to demonstrate at least some degree of prescience. To exercise a little prognostication, to practice some good old-time prophecy and prediction while also analyzing what happened. All Americans are opiners by birthright, of course, a term synonymous with “hot-air bags.” But I’m not talking about them […]

No, Israel is not an apartheid state

The charge of apartheid is the new blood libel. As Hamas rains rockets down on Israel, members of the Squad in Congress and other left-wing enemies are using the occasion to amplify their accusation that Israel is an “apartheid state.” This is a transparent attempt to delegitimize — and isolate and ultimately destroy — the Jewish state by associating it […]

To appreciate freedom, take a walk among the headstones

Camping. Cooking outdoors. Hiking in secluded wilderness areas. Identifying — and foraging for — your own food in the wild. Leaving no trace of your presence behind. Blending in with your surroundings. These actions and abilities are only some of the basic skills you will learn when you join the military. Some members of our younger generations probably find it […]


Florida Skin Center donates $15K to local charities Florida Skin Center has donated $15,000 to local philanthropic organizations as part of its “Dermatology from the Heart” program. The medical practice has contributed $85,000, including the current donation, since 2015. This year’s recipients include Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida ($2,500) and the Military Heritage Museum in Punta Gorda ($400). “We care […]

Heartworm disease often goes undiagnosed in cats

You probably think of heartworm disease as a problem in dogs, but that’s a misconception — one that can be deadly for cats. Cats are not typical hosts for heartworms (known scientifically as Dirofilaria immitis), but they can acquire the spaghetti-like freeloaders through the bite of a mosquito that has fed from an infected dog, fox or coyote. That bite […]

Pets of the WEEK

These animals are available for adoption at the Animal Welfare League, 3519 Drance St., Port Charlotte. All animals are microchipped, neutered and current with their shots. We are open by appointments only. All of our adoptable pets are on the AWL website (www.awlshelter.org). If you see a pet that you would like to meet, call to make an appointment. We […]

Cold, allergy and COVID-19 symptoms can overlap

When it comes to the common cold, allergies and COVID-19, overlapping symptoms can be confusing. In this Q&A, Dr. Arveen Bhasin, a Mayo Clinic allergist and immunologist, provides some clarity by comparing and contrasting the signs and symptoms of these conditions. What are allergy symptoms? Allergy symptoms can affect the nose, sinuses and lungs. These symptoms can present with itchy, […]