2020-04-09 E-Edition

Misunderstood. Mistreated. Maligned. MUSCOVY

Fed by some, abused by others, Muscovy ducks are in Florida to stay

AN INEXTRICABLE PART OF Florida’s urban fabric, Muscovy ducks with their beautifully ugly faces, oddball personalities and prolific breeding abilities have a long love/hate relationship with that other invasive species: us. “Ugly.” “Ungainly.” “Lazy.” “Bullies.” “A nuisance.” “They defecate prodigiously.” “Breed like rats.” “Not a very interesting species.” “Not that bright.” “Garbage ducks.” These are all ways Florida’s Muscovy duck has been described —— […]

Just plain good: storyteller Billy Murphy

He could fix anything that pulled, pushed, ploughed or ran. He could raise anything that grew as plant, animal or stalwart Florida boy (he and his wife, Lana, have two accomplished sons). He could ride nearly anything — horses or airboats or fast cars on the drag racing circuits of the early 1960s — because he could also saddle it, […]

Slow talk and solace

I used to think slow talkers are slow thinkers. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is, sometimes they’re slow thinkers and sometimes they aren’t, just like fast talkers: Sometimes they tell the truth and sometimes they’re con artists. The art of slow talking, if you will — of telling long meandering stories in sentences built like roads […]

Up close and personal: distance learning


Distance Learning. Online learning. They are used interchangeably, and with everything that is happening in the world today, the idea of space, physical and otherwise, is part of everyday phrases. Hodges University was founded to make higher education accessible to all. In 1995, we started teaching classes online. What are the benefits of online learning? In short, flexibility. It’s easier […]

Pulling together like animals do

Throughout the history of human existence, we, as a species, have experienced many ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies, times when some survived and some did not. We’ve heard older folks say things like, “We didn’t have that back in our day,” or, “We had to learn to make do with what we had.” These sayings reflect living conditions under […]

Guardian ad Litem fundraiser Nov. 12

Guardian ad Litem Foundation, 20th Judicial Circuit, will host its inaugural Voices of Hope Gala on Nov. 12, an event that will feature dinner, entertainment and a live auction to support vital programs and services. Guardian ad Litem’s volunteer child advocates also will share stories of impact and success with guests. Tickets are available for $175 each or $1,750 for […]

Books help kids learn to care for pets

Books help kids learn how to care for pets and build a long-lasting relationship

What does it mean when my dog barks or whines? Should I get a kitten or a cat? What makes my dog or cat happy? We all have questions like this about our pets — kids most of all. They go all in when it comes to finding out what makes dogs and cats tick. A generation or three ago, […]

Pets of the WEEK

To adopt or foster a pet The EARS shelter at 145 W. Dearborn St., Englewood is still open for adoptions and pet food. To learn more, visit www.earsanimalrescue.com or call 941-681- 3877. The EARS Thrift Store is closed, but donations are still being accepted. For donations, call Barb Kerwick at 941-586- 1554, to have someone meet them at the Thrift […]

If you love your pet, send us a lovely photo

We love our pets. They provide companionship. They remind us to be the best people we can be. And they make us laugh, smile and cry — sometimes all at once. We adore them, and the feeling is mutual. Forget spouses, children and grandchildren — we’re much more likely to make fools of ourselves over our pets. That is why […]