He should’a stood in bed


This deal occurred years ago in a high-stakes rubber-bridge game. Looking at only the North-South cards, it is hard to believe the eventual outcome. Certainly North had a tough choice of responses after his partner opened with a game-forcing two-heart bid and West cramped the bidding by leaping to five clubs. It seemed likely, from North’s viewpoint, that there was […]

These are the Top 10 albums of 2015

It’s a bad sign for the year in music when it’s a struggle just to come up with 10 albums that would have contended for my annual list in past years. The top five on this list would hang with the best in most any year, but picking the last few slots was tricky. But it was that kind of […]

Is loneliness a choice?

My friend Daniel says I should write about loneliness. “Loneliness?” I say. “Why would anyone want to read about that?” “Because everyone is lonely.” Is that true? I know writers are particularly susceptible to loneliness, but mainly as a byproduct of our profession. There’s no getting around the fact that in order to do good work, we have to be […]


THEATER The American Swing Experience – By Venice Theatre at 8 p.m. De. 29-31 on the MainStage. $35 on Dec. 29 and 30; $49 on New Year’s Eve, with hors d’oeuvres and a champagne toast. The big-band concert features area singers David and Michele James-Pruyn plus a 15-piece orchestra. 140 W. Tampa Ave., Venice. 488-1115 or venicestage.com. Lungs – By […]

Palm Island sets the scene for new sportsman channel fishing show

Palm Island Resort is the setting for a new televised fishing program, “Charlotte Harbor Chronicles,” which begins airing Dec. 28 on the Sportsman Channel, a cable television network devoted to the outdoor lifestyle. The network is available through all major cable providers. The 13-week series features daily stories of fishing guides in the Southwest Florida area, hosted by Capt. Mike […]


THURSDAY, DEC. 24, 8 P.M.Joyful and Triumphant The FGCU University Choir and Bower School of Music Chamber Choir perform seasonal songs from around the world in a show from Moorings Park Presbyterian Church in Naples. Presented by WGCU. FRIDAY, DEC. 25, 9 P.M.Call the MidwifeHoliday Special 2015 Join the revels as Poplar readies itself for Christmas 1960. An unexpected surprise […]

‘The Big Short’


The economic collapse of 2008 was horrible, yet many of us have no idea how and why it all went down. This is where “The Big Short” excels: It takes the mortgage crisis that precipitated the fallout and breaks it into small, digestible pieces that are easy to comprehend. Add some strong performances from big-time movie stars, creative flourishes and […]


¦ CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Favorable changes continue to dominate, and you should be responding positively as they emerge. Someone wants to become more involved in what you’re doing. ¦ AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) A friend wants to share a secret that could answer some questions you’ve wondered about for a long time. Meanwhile, travel aspects […]

It’s always a good time to add a clock to your decor


New Year’s Eve is the holiday that is represented by a clock. Some say a ticking clock is the heart of the home. Since modern digital clocks don’t click, every home should have an old clock. The tall case or grandfather clock can be found in antique and new versions. But check to be sure the clock case is not […]

Creations at the Village artists’ exhibit