Obscure movie marketing items a big hit among collectors

Collectors sometimes find an unusual “go-with” for their collection. Collectors buy a standard one-sheet movie poster, 27 by 41 inches, or a three-sheet, 40 by 81 inches, or a half-sheet, 22 by 28 inches, or lobby cards that usually are 11 by 14 inches. Sometimes a full set of lobby cards — seven scene cards and one title card — […]

Swimming with the Movies at South County Regional Park

1. Wyatt Kloor2. Brennen Reef and Dylan Baer Mann3. Aliester Mac Isaack4. Stella Promseemai5. Charlotte Cross Country Team6. Mae and Thanin Promseemai, Joannaand Gigi Maluas, Gladys, Sethie and GiaLogan and Brenda De Guzman


How to hold your own blind wine tasting

Need an excuse for a party during the long hot summer? Consider gathering a group of wine-loving friends together for a blind tasting. A blind tasting — in which guests taste wines without knowing what they are drinking — is an entertaining way to learn about new wines. It can help develop your senses and your ability to assess wine […]

Charlotte County Emergency Medial Services Ball at the Charlotte Harbor Event & Conference Center

1. Alexandra French and Susan Rachels2. Brandon Nevling and Alexis Nevling3. Bob Lavell and Crystal Jones4. Beth Deutsch and Commissoner StephenDeutsch5. Dale Alward and Christy Alward6. Silvia Mccoy and Stephanie Beasley7. Stephanie Beasley and Vicki Koppelman8. Janet Lightfoot and Shannon Ivie9. Dorothy Hubbardy and Mick Harris10. Dee Hawkins, Nicole Noles and AlexandraFrench11. Kyle Chermansky and Jessica Sullivan

ArtFest Fort Myers opens poster competition

ArtFest Fort Myers has announced its poster/T-shirt competition for the 2015 festival. The artist whose work is selected for the poster/T-shirt will be featured in a broad range of print, online and VIP promotions preceding festival weekend, and continuing throughout the year. The artist will also receive a free booth space at ArtFest Fort Myers 2015, a complimentary three-night stay […]


Beach reading par excellence in a story set on the Gulf Coast

¦ “No Sunshine When She’s Gone” by Kate Angell. Kensington Books. 288 pages. Paperback. $9.95. You like baseball? You like beaches? Shapely, hot babes? Chiseled, sexy guys? Lavish houseboats and penthouse condos? Yes? Then grab hold of the third title in Kate Angell’s Barefoot William Series and get ready for waves of tension filled romance. Jillian Mac and her good […]



“Let us tell an old story anew,” begins Disney’s “Maleficent,” a cartoonish retelling of “Sleeping Beauty” from the titular horned villainess’ perspective. There’s plenty of flash and style, but little substance that sticks. The film plays like a Disney park attraction that wows you with visuals yet treats the story like an afterthought. The difference is that park attractions/rides last […]

A master class with Ben Vereen

Ben Vereen is one of those rare individuals who actually warrants the title “legend.” Since the mid-1960s, Mr. Vereen has captivated audiences with his performances on the stage, in film and on television. He garnered a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for his work in “Pippin” and an Emmy for his work in the TV mini-series “Roots.” […]

Take your treasures to WGCU Public Media appraisal fair

It’s a fantasy fueled by episodes of “Antiques Roadshow”: That knick-knack you dusted off from Grandma’s attic is worth thousands. That old painting that’s languished in the garage for years is actually by a highly collectible artist. Or that bauble you bought at a yard sale on a whim for a couple of bucks is a priceless, one-of-a-kind object. We […]

How About We with a friend

After discovering the joys of the online matchmaking site How About We, I told my friend Josh he should join. “I don’t know,” he said over dinner. “I’ve tried online dating before.” “But this is different,” I said. “Trust me.” The next time I saw him, we met at his apartment. Josh pulled out his laptop but still seemed unconvinced. […]