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locals share their hopes and fears locals predict a year of hope

THERE’S ELEGANCE IN THE OLD QUESTIONS, NOT TO mention a potent relevance, which is why we keep asking them: Is there truth? What is love? Why do we exist? Who makes the best coffee? Those are not the only old questions, however, and they’re not the ones we asked here. Instead, we asked a small cluster of capable professionals from […]

Nation’s retirees eye Punta Gorda — literally

Where to Retire magazine has selected Punta Gorda as a top retirement destination for its January/February 2014 issue. The magazine is available nationwide by subscription and on newsstands. Florida Weekly arts correspondent and Punta Gorda resident Nanette Crist — a literacy advocate and retired lawyer — is featured on the magazine’s cover. The sixpage article includes statements from Punta Gorda […]


The longest field goal

Matt Prater, who grew up in Estero, kicked the longest field goal in NFL history about three weeks ago in Denver, splitting the uprights at 64 yards. That’s like driving a golf ball 530 yards and landing it on the green. Which has never been done. But on Sept. 15, 1974, right after Gerald Ford stepped into the White House […]

A manufactured ADHD epidemic

If at any time while reading this article your attention wanders, you may have ADHD. If you pause to check your email sometime during the next three paragraphs, you should consult a doctor. If you fail to read this article all the way to the end, you should get on Adderall, Ritalin or some other drug to treat your condition […]

Obama wrongs the Bill of Rights

President Barack Obama proclaimed Dec. 15 Bill of Rights Day, praising those first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution as “the foundation of American liberty, securing our most fundamental rights — from the freedom to speak, assemble and practice our faith as we please to the protections that ensure justice under the law.” The next day, U.S. District Judge Richard […]

Gift-giving in the great outdoors

What’s your holiday budget? Most of us — those of us who weren’t lottery winners — are limited in our holiday spending. But here are some ideas that won’t break the bank for last minute gifts: ¦ Plan a family day at one of our local parks or beaches. Taking a picnic lunch, a Frisbee or two and spending some […]

Natural or added?

Study shows consumer confusion over sugar in beverages

Consumers who are more concerned about what types of sugars are in their drinks will likely choose a less-sweetened beverage, although most people don’t know the difference between natural and added sugars, a new University of Florida study shows. Gail Rampersaud, a UF registered dietitian, and Lisa House, a UF food and resource economics professor — both with the Institute […]

Going inside the canine brain

We often see news stories of pets who have trekked hundreds of miles to get back home after becoming lost. How do they do it? Science is still trying to answer that question. Migratory animals use magnetic fields, scent cues and orientation of the sun, but the navigational ability of dogs and cats has been little studied. It’s known, however, […]

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There are problems with emblems of Florida’s heritage. There are complaints about Florida’s state song, “Old Folks at Home.” Others have facetiously said that the title is appropriate with different words to reflect Florida’s aging population. The original purpose of Stephen Foster’s song, “Old Folks at Home,” has been completely lost and is totally out of sync with modern Florida. […]