Post Kent State, Carpenter builds a legacy

Though it happened 40 years ago this month, there’s not a day Bob Carpenter doesn’t think about it. Mr. Carpenter, or “Carp,” as he’s called, is the public information officer for the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. He’s had more than a few remarkable memories since his Ohio birth in 1943, including adventures in exotic lands around the globe. But it […]

South America

Couchsurfing: Dispatches from a four-month journey through ...

C OUCHSURFING CAN TAKE YOU PLACES. THE PHOTOS on these pages is the proof. Couchsurfing. com is a Web site similar to Facebook, where each person maintains a profile but instead of virtually socializing, the goal of the site is to match up travelers with places to stay on their journeys. You might be staying on a couch, air mattress, […]

Florida Weekly launches round two of fiction challenge

The first round of our fiction challenge drew about a dozen submissions from readers who riffed on a vintage photograph to create tales of redemption and renewal among other themes. (See page B15.) Based on the success of that first round, we’re launching another round of this imaginative exercise. Here at Florida Weekly, we enjoy telling stories. We love to […]

Milliner’s head a rare collectable

Hats are not as popular today as they were years ago, so there are fewer hat shops and fewer people making special hats fitted to a particular buyer. But in the 19th and early 20th centuries, milliners were found in every city and town. A hat was designed and created with the help of a “milliner’s head.” The milliner shaped, […]

This week on WGCU TV

. THURSDAY, MAY 27, 9 P.M. The Civil War War is All Hell (1865)/ The Better Angels of Our Nature (1865) – Parts 8 & 9 The episode begins with William Tecumseh Sherman’s brilliant march to the sea, which brings the war to the heart of Georgia and the Carolinas and spells the end of the Confederacy. Soon thereafter, John […]

‘A River in the Sky’

By Elizabeth Peters (William Morrow, $25.99) In her newest novel, “A River in the Sky,” the prolific Elizabeth Peters returns for a 19th time to the world of Amelia Peabody Emerson, one of her most endearing heroines. Archaeologist, feminist, detective, champion of the downtrodden and a remarkable hand with a steel-tipped umbrella, Amelia is all these things, and still every […]

An ‘alliterate’ society? Just say ‘la vee’ (sic)


With increasing regularity — and great sadness — my friends and I find ourselves bemoaning the current state of affairs when it comes to the written word. The world, it seems, is becoming much more visual, and increasingly less literate. Daily newspapers, which, in addition to providing news, also used to provide intelligent analysis and complex stories that examined an […]

C (cultivation) comes before A (asking)


I am slowly moving into the modern age. I do keep my schedule in Outlook on my PC and on my phone, but I still print it out and put it in my Day-Timer. As I mentioned in my earlier columns, I love lists and have slowly started scanning them into my electronic files. The real reason I am doing […]


¦ GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Shyness might keep you from asking for more information on a potentially important matter. But your curiosity grows stronger by midweek and gives you the impetus for data-gathering. ¦ CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Taking on too many tasks may not be the wise thing to do at this time. You might […]

‘Shrek Forever After’

When a franchise hits the creative bankruptcy of “Shrek the Third,” there shouldn’t be a fourth movie. The story has been exhausted, and there’s no new direction for the characters. So what did the creators of “Shrek Forever After” do? They took the story sideways to an alternate reality. This is almost — almost — as bad as doing a […]