Land of nuance

Development in Florida is not the enemy, it’s the inevitability. Cops in the United States are not the enemy, they’re the necessity. But they need to be firmly regulated — by us. Recent events in the country and the state make that starkly clear. Therefore, how we think about them — how we want developers and cops or anybody else […]

Weather reports

Jan. 27, 2073, National Weather Service, Clewiston: EAST COAST: Meteorologists predict calm weather along Florida’s east coast from Homestead north to the Bay of Okeechobee this week. Conditions are expected to remain favorable for sunbathing on the region’s popular Atlantic beaches in Homestead, Kendall, Westchester, Cold Springs, Palm Beach Gardens and Belle Glade, with good boating and fishing over the […]

Book it!

My old man was a reader, so for years he hauled me and my sister to a little public library in a tiny old wood-frame house with a couple of holes in the wall — they were said to be bullet holes posited during the late disagreement with redskins in my home state, Colorado, where the house had once been […]

New property insurance law leaves little recourse for consumers


Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation Dec. 16 that he stated is designed to stabilize Florida’s property insurance market, increase competition and strengthen consumer protections, with a goal of reducing the cost of property insurance for consumers. While there is no doubt that the property insurance industry needs help, my experience indicates this law will primarily hurt — not benefit — […]

Volunteers rallied to clean up CHEC after the storm


Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center’s park in Punta Gorda sets on 46,000 acres of preserve — and hurricane Ian went right over the top of us. Everyone wants to know what happened. Where do birds go during the storm? How are the animals affected? Why did everything bloom and green right after the storm? Hurricanes are a natural event and Florida […]

The wizard of P

Florida’s 46th governor, Ron DeSantis, is only 44 years old. Once captain of Yale University’s baseball team, he’s a Harvard Law School graduate, a former Navy lawyer and a former U.S. congressman from Florida’s 6th congressional district. And he did all that before the middle of his fifth decade. Not only does he still have hair, but it’s not even […]


In traditional fashion, an Old Year has slid again into the sea of time, leaving behind a sibling New Year seemingly indistinguishable. There is peace and plenty, or there is war and poverty — same as it always was. Can we change that? Can we make the world better and more peaceful when we have to get up and go […]

Wha’chu gonna do?

I wrote a front-page story in these pages last week called “Hope” — no more, no less. A woman, Jen, responded in the comments section within minutes of that story’s appearance both in print and online. Here’s what she wrote at 5:48 in the morning, probably before she had coffee: “That is the most depressing article I’ve read in a […]

Crossing the other Delaware: A personal view of Christmas

In the American cultural vernacular, which may prove as confusing to you as it frequently does to me, the first Christmas did not occur 2,022 years ago. Instead, the first Christmas took place exactly 244 years ago on a frigid night a few miles north of Philadelphia. In this whimsical, transformative nation, holidays that began as one thing inevitably become […]

Rising tide

I know this kid named Morlu. Morlu Dennis, pronounced Moh-LU, son of Peter Dennis and Amanda Lang, brother of Mali Dennis, his older and much wiser sister. Or not much wiser. That’s hotly debatable. What isn’t debatable is their place in the world, the place they got placed in the space they got spaced: American life. If that isn’t challenging […]

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