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Taking surgery beyond the limits of the human hand



Dr. Domingo Galliano Jr., MD, FACS, FASCRS, director of robotic surgery at Bayfront Health Medical Center, has performed more than 700 robotic surgeries, many of them using the state-of-the-art da Vinci System, surgical platform with 3D, high-definition vision and patented surgical instruments that takes surgery beyond the limits of the human hand. By overcoming the challenges of traditional open and laparoscopic surgery, the da Vinci System is changing the experience of surgery for people around the world.

Dr. Galliano uses the most up-to-date medical equipment in his testing for, and treatment of, medical and surgical conditions. Most surgery can be performed with minimal discomfort on an outpatient basis and, in some cases, with no incisions. Minimally invasive procedures are performed through one or more dime-sized incisions, with much less trauma to the body. Minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures result in little or no scarring from surgery.

Galliano Surgical Group provides the highest quality care available in its Medicare-accredited and state-licensed surgery center. This avoids treatment in the hospital, reduces cost and lessens pain, scarring and recovery time.



You might be a candidate dive for minimally invasive da Vinci surgery that enables delicate and complex operations through a few tiny incisions with breakthrough vision, precision, dexterity and control. It’s used to treat such colorectal conditions as colon cancer, rectal cancer, diverticulitis and inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease). Surgery to remove all or part of the colon is known as a colectomy. Rectal cancer surgery is known as a low anterior resection.

The da Vinci System offers patients facing colon surgery such potential benefits as: low blood loss, quicker return to bowel function, quicker return to diet and a shorter hospital stay.

The da Vinci System offers patients facing rectal cancer surgery such potential benefits as excellent clinical outcomes for cancer control, quick return of bowel function, fast return to diet, less blood loss, a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery time.

As with any surgery, these benefits cannot be guaranteed since surgery is specific to each patient, condition and procedure.

It is important to talk to your doctor about all treatment options, including the risks and benefits. ¦

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