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Pay attention to the signs and symptoms your body sends you


With the arrival of March, the earth shifts into lengthening days and rising temperatures. We also get sprinklings of Florida rain and gorgeous jacaranda trees with full purple clusters heralding in the season of spring.

An acupuncturist is continually growing her observer skills. Observing is a process that allows us to take a step closer and view from a different lens with curiosity. It is a practice I share with and encourage among my patients.

Often, we live in our head and disconnect from our body. Our physical body in its wisdom sends us signs and symptoms that are a call to pay attention, observe and then make changes to ensure our health and wellness is not compromised. When we are aware of what is needed for body, mind and spirit, we can create action to support a healthy balance within.

Nature is a great teacher of balance. Homeostasis is the ability of systems to maintain stable regulation and function. Through observing nature and the elements, we can see how earth banks the water to contain it, grows tree roots to hold earth, and warms the sun to fire up the germination of seeds.

As awareness grows, we become connected with our own homeostatic regulation. The practice of observation for personal balance involves learning to listen to signals from your body.

Is your body retaining fluid or losing too much? What helps to support the balance of water in your body? Think about movement, rest, drinking more water, eating less salt.

Do you feel heat when you get irritated or angry? Where? In your chest, face or the top of your head? Do headaches occur when you get heated up? Think about what helps support the balance of fire in your body: breathwork to release tension or anxiety, movement to release sweat and regulate the body’s temperature, a reduction in alcohol and/or spicy foods.

When you know the signs and symptoms your body sends you, you can decide what actions you should take to serve your health and wellness. Through observing, we come to know ourselves better and have a fuller understanding of our natural rhythms. This is a foundational aspect of classical acupuncture.

Curious to learn about acupuncture and herbal medicine? I am here to support you in health and wellness and invite you to call or come in for a free consult.

May your awareness grow each day on your journey of well-being. ¦

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