2022-06-23 E-Edition

Blue Carbon

How Florida’s coastal ecosystems help to fight climate change — aand why we should care

DEFORESTATION OF THE AMAzon basin has garnered attention as concerns rise about climate change. The carbon dioxide the tropical rainforest ecosystem stores has earned its nickname as the lungs of the planet. Collectively, the carbon absorbed and stored through photosynthesis by all types of terrestrial forests is referred to as green carbon. This has led to calls to plant trees […]

Florida’s next commodity: Tea?

It’s decidedly iced tea season in Florida, but whether you take your tea hot or iced, sweet or unsweet, black or green, the infused leaf in your cup could soon come from a Florida farm. University of Florida researchers are investigating whether you can grow tea plants in the Sunshine State. Their findings from a years-long trial at the UF/ […]

The summer line

Summer rolled in this week on Tuesday with its official solstice papers, its passport, if you will: that the planet’s 23.5-degree lean on its axis — one of the few things about our world that never changes — guarantees a sun appearing at its highest elevation of the year, at noon, over the Tropic of Cancer. Simple, isn’t it? Well, […]

The Kamala Harris problem

The media taboo against talking about Joe Biden’s age and the obstacle it presents to his running again in 2024 is finally off. This should put a lantern on another looming problem for the Democrats — waiting in the wings is a deeply unpopular officeholder, who makes Biden look like a prospective electoral juggernaut by comparison. Democrats can be forgiven […]

Send us your photos! The Florida Weekly pet contest is back

Our pets are part of our families — humans love their dogs, cats, snakes, chickens, birds, ferrets, horses — well, all the varieties of animals that love us unconditionally. You can show how much you love your pets by entering the annual Florida Weekly pet photo contest for our annual Pet Lovers edition. Grab your phone or camera and click […]

Life moves too fast, so let’s take it slow

Note: Capt. Kirk is on leave for a while. Meanwhile, enjoy this classic from 2012. Nancy and I were docked at the rustic old Florida island of Cabbage Key. The morning air was relatively cool as we sat on the porch having an island breakfast. (An island breakfast is about the same as an ordinary one — except you start […]

Intoxicating and mosquito-repelling plants for cats

We’ve all seen cats rolling in ecstasy when exposed to catnip (Nepeta cataria) or silver vine (Actinidia polygama), another feline intoxicant endemic to Japan and China. The kitty feel-good herbs activate the opioid system, producing a euphoric effect. But do they have another purpose? Researchers at Iwate University in Japan, in partnership with scientists at Nagoya University in Japan and […]

Pets of the WEEK

These animals are available for adoption at the Animal Welfare League, 3519 Drance St., Port Charlotte. All animals are microchipped, neutered and current with their shots. We are open by appointments only. All of our adoptable pets are on the AWL website (www.awlshelter.org). If you see a pet that you would like to meet, call 941-625-6720 to make an appointment. […]

Life expectancy in U.S. increases, with gaps among some groups

From 2000-2019, overall life expectancy in the United States increased by 2.3 years, but the increase was not consistent among racial and ethnic groups and by geographic area. In addition, most of these gains were before 2010. This is according to a new study funded by the National Institutes of Health that examined trends in life expectancy at the county […]